How will you

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This is your story, told the way you want. We help you capture your life experiences, so you can share them with your loved ones.

Family History

Include genealogy, photos, stories, or whatever is part of your family history


Preserving photos, documents and objects is critical to ensuring the next generation will benefit.


I simply couldn't have 

done it with anyone else.

Cathy S., Boston, MA

Clémence is terrific. I loved working with her,

and the books we made.

Greer N., Bryn Mawr, PA



Family history can seem hard. You don't know where to start. "Should I do a family tree?", "How do I write my memoirs?", "I want to scan an organize my photos so that I have a family history archive, but I don't know how.", "How do I curate all these photos and create a proper family history book?" I hear these questions and concerns all the time. 

You are not alone. And there is no reason to muddle through it alone. Take a look at my blog and you will find many tips and ideas for how to proceed with your family history. And you're always welcome to call me and chat about your ideas and the challenges you face. I love hearing about people's projects and helping them get started. 

Legacy = family history 

Organizing and saving
your family's stories



Family History Books

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